Friday, 25 March 2016

EP Review...Jonathan Morgan - Protégé

Birmingham gave birth to Rock and The Riff, theres very little in regards to Heavy Rock/Psych/Stoner/Doom or whatever your bag is, that exists now that doesn't owe a debt to Black Sabbath. its also a city I'm proud to come from .
Well so is Jonathan Morgan, a songwriter and guitarist that has been working hard to bring his mighty noise to the masses.  His debut EP 'Parapsychology' hit Bandcamp in late 2013 and he's been releasing a constant stream of consistently excellent and interesting music ever since.

In late February Jonathan released his new EP 'Protégé, 5 tracks of HeavyPsych goodness on Bandcamp.  Opener 'Eye of the Beholder is an instrumental track featuring a pounding beat over a sprawling riff which having heard past albums of his feels like a trademark.  Next up is 'Soul Fire Burning', another rocky number with a bouncing bass and an almost distant vocal style that suits the track well.  Then theres 'Temple', my favourite of the EP and a song i played in my show earlier this month great bass,great beats, a great riff...whats not to enjoy!  Tetrahedron is another slow burning psychedelic rock instrumental that follows the theme of the EP and final track  'Alchemy' closes the EP with a fuzzy wall of sound.  Theres a direct link to the EP below so you can find out for yourself.
Interestingly when i spoke with Jonathan earlier this month he told me that he was now looking to take his music out with a full band and is in the process of looking for musicians to join him, so if your looking to be a part of something new with a proven track record for prolific and brilliant songs you can contact Jonathan directly here at

Here are a couple of great tracks from past releases, you can also find these on Jonathan's Bandcamp page

Jonathan Morgan Bandcamp

Protégé EP on Bandcamp.

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